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Why we’re heading back to Miami for Hispanicize 2017 #hispz17

Why we're heading back to Miami for Hispanicize 2017 #hispz17

Yes, y’all, it’s official! We’re headed back to Miami this year for Hispanicize 2017! This year we’re actually serving as official correspondents for the national event, which you might be more familiar with as the premier event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers, including digital creators, journalists, marketers, music artists and filmmakers.

This is not our first time attending this event. And we’re hopeful it won’t be our last either. The reason we really enjoy attending Hispanicize every year is that each time we feel like we gain so much from the full week experience. Whether it’s networking with people we follow and admire online, or connecting with new business partners that have similar goals and interests as ours, this event is just a great place to connect and build new relationships.

To help explain what we mean, we decided to make a short video to tell you a little bit more about what we think about Hispanicize 2017:

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Oh, and let us know if you’ll be at Hispanicize 2017 too!

Hispanicize 2016 Recap & Road Trip

The last time we attended Hispanicize was in 2013, and wow, has the annual event grown since then!  Everyone from Chiquinquira Delgado, Rosario Dawson, Adamari Lopez, Lizzie Velasquez, Mafio, Elvis Crespo, Sofia Reyes, RaqC, and Lele Pons turned out for the 7th anniversary of this mega event for Latino influencers. And that’s not even mentioning the hundreds of digital influencers from across the United States, all of the members of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists who were hosting their own event within Hispanicize, plus the dozens of brands who were there to see and be seen. Oh yes, and most importantly to make valuable connections with all the digital influencers in attendance for the five day event.

Ah, and let us not forget the first ever DiMe Summit that took place on the first full day of Hispanicize. There was so much energy at every event that it didn’t even matter how tired anyone was. Nobody was willing to stop for rest. Every single interaction we had with friends and new acquaintances motivated us even more to make the most of our time at Hispanicize in Miami. It was epic! And we have mad respect for Manny Ruiz and Angela Sustaita-Ruiz who are the spouses and business partners behind this massive event.

They seriously worked magic to make this event a knockout, as we all knew they would.

Y desde luego, the brands that made it possible for all of us to attend also deserve a big nod. Prudential in particular hosted a wonderful lunch with Texas’s own Lizzie Velasquez. Our friends at Toyota not only played a major role as a principal sponsor again, but they also loaned us a beautiful Toyota Highlander to make the road trip to and from Miami from Houston. We had Edgar along for the ride, so it was the perfect ride for our little familia. We enjoyed the comfort and technology of the Highlander so much that we’re now seriously considering a second vehicle.

Hispanicize 2016 Recap & Road Trip

So really, we could go on and on about how great Hispanicize 2016 was, but we figured, why not just show you! The video above is a recap of the daily videos we were recording during the entire week, both on our way there and back, plus all the fun stuff we had the opportunity to enjoy while in Miami.

If you haven’t been already, you definitely should attend Hispanicize!

Oh, and Juan did participate in a panel. It was about Tapping Into the Booming Influence of Texas Latinos. Here’s the video if you want to watch:

Nos vemos en Miami pronto. 

Hispanicize 2016 Recap & Road TripHispanicize 2016 Recap & Road Trip

Latinos in Texas show up and show out for Hispanicize Houston

Tejano. What does that one singular word mean? Well if you look it up in the Urban Dictionary here’s the quick and dirty version:

Originally someone of Mexican descent who was born and/or raised in Texas. Used to distinguish them from people from Mexico (Mexicanos). A type of music based upon the button accordian and greatly influenced by the German bands of New Braunfels, Seguin, and Fredericksburg.

But take a closer look. Ask somebody who was born and raised or proudly lives in the state of Texas, and the answer will likely be a lot more substantial. The thing is, one really can’t put one’s finger on the feeling that truly comes from being a Tejano. And well, while that may come off a tidbit cocky, en serio, it’s really anything but that.

This week we were celebrating the first ever Hispanicize event in the city of Houston, and the conversation sort of just came up. To paraphrase, the expression that kind of stuck with us from that conversation went a little something like this. “You Texans are probably the only ones who so proudly claim being from your state.” I mean sure, we’re each proud of representing our cities as well. Whether we’re from Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, the Valley, or anywhere else in the state. Pero there’s definitely a sense of pride and unity when we say we’re from Texas too – be it by describing ourselves as Tejanos, Texans, or even Tex-Mex. And that’s really the beauty in that palabra. 

Our deep sense of community and union. 

The fact that so many from around the state turned out for this event is proof of that. And now, we’re looking ahead at all the possibilities that 2016 and beyond bring to us as Latinos in Texas, creating our own future, and redefining what it means to be among the largest Latino populations in the country.

O sea, things are about to get interesting!

Latinos in Texas show up and show out for Hispanicize Houston Latinos in Texas show up and show out for Hispanicize Houston Latinos in Texas show up and show out for Hispanicize Houston Latinos in Texas show up and show out for Hispanicize Houston Latinos in Texas show up and show out for Hispanicize Houston

Latino Filmmakers Shined At Hispanicize 2013

hispanicize 2013 film festival juanofwords hispz13

So besides Filly Brown, this year, Hispanicize 2013 featured a slew of Latino films that dealt with everything from immigration to brujeria, even a little rockabilly and technological singularity.  There were so many films premiering as part of the official Hispanicize Film Festival portion of the event that I wasn’t able to attend all of the screenings.  I was, however, able to make a few of the sessions on the filmmaking track, and what I learned there was truly an eye opening experience.  Seasoned actors, directors and producers shared their insights on why there just aren’t as many Latino films being made right now.  According to the sessions I attended, it boils down to a very competitive industry and more importantly, an overall LACK of GOOD WRITERS.

That message was repeated across the board in many of the sessions over and over again.  It definitely left a lasting impression for many of us.  The other message I walked away with from these sessions was this one: We have to support Latino films.  We have to go out and watch them in the theaters.  We have to motivate new writers and filmmakers to tell our stories in an honest and respectful way.  We have to put ourselves out there!

Having said that, ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce the films of Hispanicize 2013!

Blaze You Out


Los Wild Ones


Mission Park



Clara Como El Agua

Echo Bear

For a full listing of all the Hispanicize 2013 films Click Here.

On The Beach ‘La Vida Es Más Sabrosa…’ Or So We’ve Been Told

So we made it!  All the way to Miami Beach from Texas via car!  Yup, you read that right… we drove!  Everyone was so shocked when we told them that.  I was like “ey, we grew up driving to Mexico ese… this is nothing cabrones!”  Okei, so I was nicer.  How could I not be?  The soundtrack in my head the entire time we were there was En El Mar La Vida Es Más Sabrosa

I could not get that song out of my head.

hispanicize 2013 hispz13 miami beach los metiches juanofwords craftythrifter recap

We had a blast, what else can I say?  That pretty much sums it up.  But we did realize on the way there that this was the first exotic trip we were taking together alone so that made it all the more special.

hispanicize 2013 hispz13 miami beach los metiches juanofwords craftythrifter recap

The beach was so gorgeous!  I could not get over that either.  ¡Anduve bien anonadado!  So much so that I kept staring at the map on my iPhone to confirm that we had really made it all the way to Miami Beach!  Soy bien naco qué les puedo decir… 

hispanicize 2013 hispz13 miami beach los metiches juanofwords craftythrifter recap

This was our view from the hotel.

hispanicize 2013 hispz13 miami beach los metiches juanofwords craftythrifter recap

Even though we were there for the important business of attending Hispanicize 2013 (I was a speaker on a couple of blogger panels as well) I had to drag Anjelica out to the beach first!

hispanicize 2013 hispz13 miami beach los metiches juanofwords craftythrifter recap

Can you believe it?  We met La Crafty Chica in the flesh!  We were such groupies and followed her around every chance we got. She is SOOOOOOO SWEEEEEET!!

hispanicize 2013 hispz13 miami beach los metiches juanofwords craftythrifter recap

Ford sponsored our transportation by loaning us a 2013 Ford Edge that was just the right size for all of the luggage we took with us.  En serio we packed like locos.  I think I only left a pair of chones behind just in case I lost all of my luggage on the way there or back, LOL!

hispanicize 2013 hispz13 miami beach los metiches juanofwords craftythrifter recap

We met some very friendly locals who pointed us in the direction of South Beach to get authentic and very delicious Cuban food.  It was so good we kept going back to the same spot (Puerto Sagua).  Here it was really convenient to have our own vehicle in which to get around.

hispanicize 2013 hispz13 miami beach los metiches juanofwords craftythrifter recap

One day before we began our drive back we just happened to ride in the same elevator as La Santa Cecilia!  I was like “wait, you’re La Santa Cecilia!”  I think I scared them, jaja!  But it was all in good fun.  This trip was just the refreshment I needed to get my juices flowing again.

Gracias a ustedes por el apoyo siempre and for making opportunities like this one possible for us!

We’re Going To Mi-A-Mi!

hispz 13 conference miami beach juanofwords craftythrifter

What is it that they say about that place?  The sun.  The sand.  The beautiful blue beaches.  Los Metiches could definitely use a break from the brown and sticky water in our neck of the woods.  This is also the first time we’re traveling to Miami together.  The last time I was in Miami I didn’t even get to step foot on the beach once.

Those people with the beautiful bodies better watch out.  I’m not sure they’re ready for all this jelly.  Let me just say if Real Women Have Curves these rolls I’ve got right here are definitely going to turn a few heads.  ¡Dicho y Hecho!  You just watch!

We’re actually going to Miami to attend Hispanicize 2013.  If you’re not familiar it is the annual Latino trends event scheduled from April 9-13 in Miami Beach.  I’m actually one of the speakers on the Bloggers track.  Kind of excited about that!

Of course we’re making it a Road Trip!  How else would Los Metiches get to Miami from Texas, jajaja?  ¿Cómo que ya nos conocen verdad?  We’ll be driving at least 18 hours y desde luego we’re once again partnering with the Ford Motor Company for this trip.  They are always so great about making our trips as comfortable and stress free as possible.

¿So qué nos recomiendan?  Where should we stop along the way?  What do we absolutely have to see in Miami Beach?  We’re newbies so echenos una manita.  ¡Gracias!   

hispz 13 conference miami beach juanofwords craftythrifter

This is not a sponsored post.  We are attending #Hispz13 as social media influencers and the Ford Motor Company is providing us a vehicle for this road trip.  To learn more about the Ford Motor Company Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.