So, you like trap music. Welcome to the club.

I’m not sure how or why this new genre of music has caught my attention the way it has, but something about the rawness of it makes me want to listen more closely. To be honest, I didn’t even know this style of music existed until Cardi B. That probably tells you everything you want to know about my perspective in this discussion. But if you still want to continue reading anyway I sure do appreciate it very much. The other trap artist that’s on my playlist right now is Bad Bunny. Funny enough, both musicians are the “it” collaborators on so many different tracks – from JLO to Bruno Mars, Karol G, and so many others, in English and Spanish. You can hardly find a playlist or radio station on the air that’s not playing at least a small piece of something by either artist.

Doctor Psiquiatra

Doctor Psiquiatra

No real reason really. This one just came to mind. ¿Quién no se acuerda de La Trevi acting crazy to this song? I remember we used to all watch her on Don Francisco or Simpre en Domingo. And yes, this was actually pushing the envelope back then. O sea, it was a different time back then. Do […]

The beauty and sound of Huichol Musical

The song made famous by Gael Garcia Bernal in the film Rudo y Cursi was first recorded by this Mexican group. In 2008, their album Desde México was nominated for the GRAMMY® for Best Mexican Regional Album, after spending 42 weeks on Billboard’s Top Latin Album Chart. Yet for many – ourselves included – the […]

The magic of Jenni Rivera: La Gran Señora

Her star power was real. SO REAL! Recently we came across this song by Jenni Rivera, which again reminded us why she was such a star. The song is called La Gran Señora and it pretty much is the ultimate comeback for the scorned woman who is talking directly to her […]

Super Fun! ‘Calaverita’ by La Santa Cecilia

We’ve had this song on replay every since we first heard it. It’s Calaverita by La Santa Cecilia. Have we mentioned we’ve actually met them in person a few times now? Rubbing it in much, jaja? The video is also a lot of fun. Wish we could have been there to dance and […]

Tania Mondragon on Women in Norteño Music

Tania Mondragon on Women in Norteño Music

Norteño music is still one of those genres that Mexican men seem to dominate over their female counterparts. Despite the likes of Paquita La Del Barrio and Jenni Rivera having made great inroads in the music industry for all mujeres, it still holds very true that we can probably count […]

Té Para Tres en Houston

Té Para Tres in Houston

This month we were invited to attend the Vida Lexus Té Para Tres concert series during its stop here in Houston at the House of Deréon. EMMY award nominated TV host, actress, producer and social media expert, Pili Montilla, hosted the event which featured an exclusive concert by La Santa Cecilia. We love […]