Upgrading My Tire Game with Cooper Tires

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Cooper Tires and DiMe Media. All opinions are my own.

I’ll admit, I’ve been known to push the limits when it comes to the performance of my personal vehicles in the past. I depend on my car so much that sometimes I forget that it too needs a little TLC every couple of thousand miles. Now over the years I have gotten a lot better at identifying when my car needs a little maintenance, and especially about keeping up with the regular wear and tear of driving up and down and really everywhere in Houston. You can’t get anywhere here without a car!

Upgrading My Tire Game with Cooper Tires

Tires especially can make the difference between a safe and smooth ride or a drive that requires you calling a tow truck for help. I’ve had to pull over and change out plenty of tires in my day. What I hadn’t realized until now is just how much of a difference the right tires can make. Anyone who knows me well will tell you I’m a cheap son of a gun, so in the past when the guys at the local shop would offer me the premium tires for my car I would immediately push back and ask for the cheapest tires available. That was good for my wallet, not so much for my car.

This week I went and had the Cooper Tires that were sent to me by Cooper Tires installed, and wow do they really make a huge difference!

Upgrading My Tire Game with Cooper Tires

I’m not just saying that because I’m working with Cooper Tires for this blog post. I mean really…. the difference is night and day. It probably doesn’t help either that I tend to favor used tires if that means the price is more affordable. What can I say? Esto ya es de herencia, jajaja! 

But seriously, the big difference I’ve noticed is that my car rides a lot more smoothly. It’s like the tires are so much more sturdy that they’re getting a much better grip on the road – if that makes any sense. We had a tornado warning the day I had them installed and it was pretty much raining cats and dogs, and even then I felt a lot more safe pulling out of the driveway with my new tires. The difference was that noticeable.

Here’s part of that little adventure in the rain.

Now as part of my collaboration with Cooper Tires I’ll also be sharing some live updates from their participation at Hispanicize 2017 in Miami next week. If you’re anything like me, and could stand to learn a little more about being a more responsible car owner feel free to tune in to my social accounts all next week. You can also search the hashtag #CooperTires to see what others are saying about their experiences with Cooper Tires.

If you have a few minutes there’s also a quick little survey you can participate in too to help Cooper Tires with some research they’re doing. It literally won’t take you more than a minute or two. Here’s the LINK.

Upgrading My Tire Game with Cooper Tires

Now I’m off to keep putting these bad boys to the test. Nos vemos pronto. 

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