We’re Going To Mi-A-Mi!

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What is it that they say about that place?  The sun.  The sand.  The beautiful blue beaches.  Los Metiches could definitely use a break from the brown and sticky water in our neck of the woods.  This is also the first time we’re traveling to Miami together.  The last time I was in Miami I didn’t even get to step foot on the beach once.

Those people with the beautiful bodies better watch out.  I’m not sure they’re ready for all this jelly.  Let me just say if Real Women Have Curves these rolls I’ve got right here are definitely going to turn a few heads.  ¡Dicho y Hecho!  You just watch!

We’re actually going to Miami to attend Hispanicize 2013.  If you’re not familiar it is the annual Latino trends event scheduled from April 9-13 in Miami Beach.  I’m actually one of the speakers on the Bloggers track.  Kind of excited about that!

Of course we’re making it a Road Trip!  How else would Los Metiches get to Miami from Texas, jajaja?  ¿Cómo que ya nos conocen verdad?  We’ll be driving at least 18 hours y desde luego we’re once again partnering with the Ford Motor Company for this trip.  They are always so great about making our trips as comfortable and stress free as possible.

¿So qué nos recomiendan?  Where should we stop along the way?  What do we absolutely have to see in Miami Beach?  We’re newbies so echenos una manita.  ¡Gracias!   

hispz 13 conference miami beach juanofwords craftythrifter

This is not a sponsored post.  We are attending #Hispz13 as social media influencers and the Ford Motor Company is providing us a vehicle for this road trip.  To learn more about the Ford Motor Company Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  

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