Día de los Muertos Retablo made with Cereal

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Walmart. All opinions are my own. The colors. The history. The beauty of Día de los Muertos is really what has captivated our attention when it comes to this Mexican tradition. We’ve mentioned before how Day of the Dead wasn’t always […]

Sidewalk Family Board Game

Yes, it’s still hot. This Texas weather is not letting us do very much in the activities department. And we all know what happens when people spend too much time around each other staring at walls and screens. It can get ugly. You, your friends, your family, your cousins, your neighbors, in […]

12 days of christmas traditional gift wrapping with nontraditional materials la_anjel craftythrifter juanofwords

Creative Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

So for us one of the most important things about the holiday season is making our friends and loved ones feel special. More than the gifts we can or can’t get for everyone, we want anyone who we celebrate the season with to know that we’ve given their gifts a lot […]

Bringing our DIY Halloween Costumes to TV!!

Bringing our DIY Halloween Costumes to TV!!

Yes, this title definitely commands a double exclamation point!! We had no idea our DIY Halloween Costume series would land us a segment on CBS’s Great Day Houston here in Houston. But it did. And when the call came through we were so excited and ready to say yes! This has […]

Dress up for Halloween: 80's Chic!

Dress up for Halloween: 80’s Chic!

What would a DIY Halloween Costume series be without a little 80’s flare? Well, not complete if you ask us. For this look, the acid wash denim jacket came out, as did the fun and colorful makeup from yesteryear. Come to think about it, this look may just be the perfect one […]

Dress up for Halloween: Madeline

Dress up for Halloween: Madeline

Can you believe our DIY Halloween Costume series is coming to an end? This will definitely go down as a Halloween to remember at Casa Los Metiches 🙂 Our latest look is from the Madeline book series. Tell us you do remember the books! They were awesome. Madeline in Texas. […]

Dress up for Halloween: "Anything for Salinas!"

Dress up for Halloween: “Anything for Salinas!”

Bidi bidi bom bom. Need we say more? We’re Tejanos and we’re die hard fans of the late and great Selena Quintanilla Perez. Of course she was going to be a part of Anjelica’s DIY looks for Halloween. Obvio. In the most respectful way possible. We hope you’ll enjoy it as […]

Dress up for Halloween: Carmen Sandiego

Dress up for Halloween: Carmen Sandiego

And we’re back! Who else grew up with Carmen Sandiego? She was always one of our favorites and we knew Anjelica was going to knock this Halloween costume out of the park. What do you think? Did she do Carmen Sandiego justice? You should know all of these DIY Halloween costume […]