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Welcome to the Juan of Words - Podcast with Anjelica Cazares and Juan Alanis! We started this podcast in 2020 when the unexpected events created by a global pandemic forced us all into our homes and away from the mundane tasks of day-to-day life. We are married and have been creating online content since 2010 under our primary blog Juan of Words right here on this website. In case you're interested, the main topics we have written about since then have been Culture, Language, Familia and Travel.

Just for fun, also search through the Mexi-Vocabulario and Dichos y Refranes categories in our archives.

Anjelica also founded the blog Crafty Thrifter to share her creative side and thrifty finds a few years back. So check that blog out as well!

The Juan of Words - Podcast is our slice of life from the Lone Star State.

We are serious road trippers; parents to a teenager getting ready for college; both part of big Mexican families; and also entrepreneurs. Juan founded and manages a public relations firm, Big Oak Tree Media. And together we also started the creative digital agency, Market Street Consulting.

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