Latino Filmmakers Shined At Hispanicize 2013

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So besides Filly Brown, this year, Hispanicize 2013 featured a slew of Latino films that dealt with everything from immigration to brujeria, even a little rockabilly and technological singularity.  There were so many films premiering as part of the official Hispanicize Film Festival portion of the event that I wasn’t able to attend all of the screenings.  I was, however, able to make a few of the sessions on the filmmaking track, and what I learned there was truly an eye opening experience.  Seasoned actors, directors and producers shared their insights on why there just aren’t as many Latino films being made right now.  According to the sessions I attended, it boils down to a very competitive industry and more importantly, an overall LACK of GOOD WRITERS.

That message was repeated across the board in many of the sessions over and over again.  It definitely left a lasting impression for many of us.  The other message I walked away with from these sessions was this one: We have to support Latino films.  We have to go out and watch them in the theaters.  We have to motivate new writers and filmmakers to tell our stories in an honest and respectful way.  We have to put ourselves out there!

Having said that, ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce the films of Hispanicize 2013!

Blaze You Out


Los Wild Ones


Mission Park



Clara Como El Agua

Echo Bear

For a full listing of all the Hispanicize 2013 films Click Here.

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