8 years, 1,000+ blog posts later

And still writing is my sanity. You’d think after eight years of jotting down my thoughts and purging my emotions on the World Wide Web I would be done. I wouldn’t have anything else to say. I would have said it all. Well, as it turns out, that’s not the […]

Getting to Miami & the Chisme

Well of course there’s good chisme. It’s not a real road trip unless you have chisme to prove it! I’m totally serious about that. No, really. I am. But before we get into the down-low of how everything went down in Miami during our most recent visit for Hispanicize 2017, […]

Paulina Rubio coming back to telenovelas?

Paulina Rubio coming back to telenovelas?

According to Latin Times, Pau Pau Pau Paulina Rubio could be headed back to telenovelas! Anyone remember Baila Conmigo?  Gotta admit, we’re kind of excited about this. It seems like ages since La Chica Dorada was in a regular telenovela series. And truth is, it’s been at least about two decades. Anywho, word is Paulina won’t […]

William Levy pelon long hair la tempestad new look telenovela juanofwords

How Do You Prefer Your William Levy?

Pos if you haven’t noticed el cubano has changed his look once again!  Wait a minute, I thought JLO was the one with all the multifaceted looks for fashion…  Well apparently now her ex I’m Into You costar has decided he can cutoff or grow his hair too depending on his […]

And What About That JLO!? ¡Pier-no-no-noooon!

As if anyone in the world really needed a reminder?  Last night at the Grammy’s Ms. La Lopez, Diva Del Bronx, Jenny From the Block, ex Mrs. Bennifer and Mrs. Marc Anthony, better known as simply JLO, proved once again why she is still the best show stopper in the […]

So, Is Marc Anthony’s ‘Porque Les Mientes’ About JLO?!

So, not to be Metiche or anything, buuuut… is Marc Anthony’s new song about his ex, Jennifer Lopez?!  It sure does sound like it and ¡ay carajo! does it sting! In ‘Porque Les Mientes,’ also featuring Tito El Bambino, Marc Anthony – formerly Mr. Jenny From The Block – uses […]

What’s Going On With The Women of Música Regional Mexicana?!

O sea, we all know our mujeres no se dejan ¡ca&*$nes! …but lately there seems to be so much controversy surrounding our leading ladies of música regional mexicana.  Exhibit A: Who hasn’t heard about the very tragic and just plain sad pleito between Jenni Rivera and her daughter?  All supposedly […]

William Levy: Is He Our New Cuchi Cuchi Charo?

I told you how William Levy made my TV screen sizzle – not to mention Anjelica – a couple of months ago, with his first US TV commercial opposite M&M’s Ms. Brown.  Now, it seems the Cuban heartthrob is all over the place, promoting ATT’s Uverse, Sabritas, the HTC X, […]