Mexi-Vocabulario: ¡Ruca!

There was another word that starts with the letter “R” that caught my attention this week, but of course, when I went to jot it down on the Memo app on my phone, the muy descarado turned itself off!  Ahh!!  I have been racking my brains out trying to remember what that word was.  Sadly… it hasn’t come back to me yet!  On the bright side, though, a dear friend reminded me of another word that also starts with the little “R” – it will have to do for now: ¡Ruca! 

meaning of ruca
Un "ruca" muy bella.

As in esa es mi ruca (that’s my girl, my girlfriend, my chick, etc.).  As you can imagine, just like with it’s synonym, mi vieja, you’ll want to wachale when you’re using either one of these words around your significant other.  Anjelica hates it when I call her either word.  So much so that I only employ them when I’m with the guys.  Ahí nadie me dice nada.  It’s like an accepted form of desahogo or something, LOL!

Pero anyway… before I keep digging a deeper hole for myself, mejor let’s look at some more formal definitions of the word ruca.  These are a few of the more interesting ones from the Urban Dictionary (they really do have quite the variety of definitions for this one):

  1. Girlfriend.
  2. The one girl, that you would choose over every other.
  3. A True love.  Was first said by sublime in (waiting for my ruca) Which stated it meant girlfriend or True lover.  Its meaning is different for each speaker.
  4. ‘Rü-kah; (noun) Etymology: Chicano Slang 1: a frequent or regular female companion in a romantic or sexual relationship.
  5. In Spanish means old maid or older single woman.
    In Chicano Slang it is mostly a derogatory term meaning older woman.  Also means a tried woman, as in having been through the trials of life and living.
    Can also mean an older woman of the barrio or older chola.

    Meant to describe a girlfriend that has stayed by her boyfriend’s side through difficult times, with an affectionate undertone.  Also, to describe in light, derogatory (sometimes affectionate) terms a tried or worn woman no matter the age, identifying her presumed life experience…

  6. The person you curl up with

I definitely recommend you check out the other definitions for ruca on the Urban Dictionary.  Some of them are pretty hilarious.  In the meantime, if you have any other recommendations for words that start with the letter “R” leave them here for me.


I’m always on the hunt for new mexi-vocabulario.
What other words would you like me to include in the mexi-vocabulario?  If you have one that you would recommend please share it with me here.

Writer’s Disclaimer: When I say mexi-vocabulario I don’t necessarily mean these words are exclusively Mexican, or only used by Mexicans.  This is simply an expression of how they were introduced to me in our Mexican Spanish.

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4 thoughts on “Mexi-Vocabulario: ¡Ruca!

  1. Always Ruca or Riena in Houston, Ruca mainly for a family tough ass chick. Old clola style.. reina for respect from otra familia. Possibly your homie mom or grandma who runs shit yet still she makes menudo and it’s ready at 4 or 5 in the morning on Sunday when you get in.

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