El Azul Celeste Cuesta

Querido Hijo:

Hijo de la vida.

I’m going to tell you like my parents told me, ponte a estudiar para que no te toque trabajar como burro como nosotros! Even when the dreams seem long and far away, unattainable, silly, too damn high to ever come within reach, keep pushing, keep pulling, keep moving.  In baby steps, peleando, arrastrándote a ti mismo si es necesario. Not looking for the easy way out. There is none.

If you don’t believe me, go out there, make your mistakes, fall flat, get up, do it again, and again, and again.  Keep fooling yourself, believing your day will come one day.  If it does, count your blessings y ponte las pilas.   Sino, be humble enough to find another way.

Circumstances, bad luck, misfortune, tragedia.  Mijo, sadly, these are challenges and obstacles we don’t control.  Yo que más quisiera, quebrarme la espalda con tal de que tú no sufrieras ni un poquito. Pero la vida es así, cruel e injusta.

Nevertheless, my thoughts and prayers you will always have.  Always!

Del amor, what can I say?  No te apresures.  Nothing you can’t wait for.  All pain and heartache when it’s not right.  So hard to figure out when it is.  El amor por ti mismo, mucho más importante. Créeme.

When you finally make it, and I know you will, to that place in life set out for no one else but you, no dejes que tu orgullo te ciege.  Extiende la mano. Pull up the ones that follow.  Find solace in these words, wisdom in your journey, and compassion in your heart. Do for others what no one did for you.

O como yo, sigue el ejemplo de tus padres.

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