3 reasons to visit with a financial professional

Last week, thanks to Prudential, I had the opportunity to attend the Texas Conference for Women for the very first time. And, ahem… *clears throat to maximize tone of voice* it was incredible. I am not going add any exclamation marks for excitement. Instead, I’ll repeat it for the people […]

Hometown Getaways: Brenham, Texas

This is part of a collaboration with DriveShop. All opinions expressed are my own. The allure of being able to get away is something Anjelica and I both really appreciate. There’s just something soothing about knowing you can hop into your car any time you choose and drive away into […]

Visiting Time Square in New York City

What are the odds of randomly running into someone you know at Times Square? Well the truth is I’m not completely sure, but that’s exactly what happened to me recently on my trip to New York City. It had been a few years since I had last visited the Big […]

Legendary Women in Houston

Legendary Women in Houston

I had the pleasure of attending the Camara de Empresarios Latinos de Houston‘s Mujeres Legendarias luncheon recently here in Houston. They were celebrating some of Houston’s most inspirational women who were awarded the distinction of being recognized as Legendary Women. Among those recognized were Dr. Dorothy Caram, Dorothy Ruiz Martinez, […]

Dollar Store & Thrift Store Haul with CraftyThrifter

This week was a good week! Especially for thrift store shopping. I’m so in love with the latest vintage piece I found for myself. You’ll understand once you watch my latest Dollar Store and Thrift Store haul video below. Now I just need to figure out where to wear it to… […]


¡Ukela chistosa! ¡Ukela! ¿No que no? ¡Ukela! Believe it or not, each one of these expressions carries its own weight when it comes to defining the word ukela. Yes, you’re right, if you’re thinking it sounds a lot like the word ukulele. At least it’s spelled very similarly. But ukela […]

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Leaving The Nest: It’s Not Always at 18 For Latinos

FROM JUAN: I’ve been telling Sybil for years now how much I admire her voice and her pictures as a Mexican mother, woman and individual.  Today, I am deeply pleased to introduce to you dear friends my good friend and creative writer Sybil Monciváis Sánchez.  Sybil and I first met […]