Comadre y Comadreando, La Juanita y El 409, 409, 409!!!

Speaking-over-a-mile-a-minute-all-the-time-and-constantly-throwing-the-number-409-409-409-in-multiples-of-three-was-literally-her-signature.  Like she was in a race to get out what she needed to say before anybody stopped paying attention or  she forgot what it was she was trying to say – one or the other – our vecina Juanita spoke faster than anyone we’d ever met. And just as […]

The Art Of ‘La Pisteada’

The formula is pretty simple.  You take one person, two, or as many as you want, add beer, or the alcoholic beverage of your choice, mix in some conversation, a little music of course, and voila: ¡estas pisteando! Well actually a lot of the variables are extra.  The main ingredient […]

Café Con Chocolate: Somewhat Of An Inheritance, I Guess

Intoxicating was its smell.  Deep and fragrant, black and sweet, a color rich, dark enough to see myself in its reflection, lazily rubbing at my eyes, entire palms, in upward motion, over my face, across my hair, meeting once again at the back of my neck, then all over again.  […]

Good Hit, On The Floor, L’Oreal, And Idol: The Return Of JLo?

Of course, a definite disclosure is necessary here.  I am 100 percent biased on anything Jenny-from-the-block-related.  Biased in the sense, that as most of you already know, La Lopez has been a favorite of mine since she first burst onto the scene as the lead role in the movie ‘Selena.’  […]

William Levy: The Great Divide!

Apparently, unannounced to most of us in the male sex, there is quite a Great Divide taking place right this very second among women everywhere!  It’s not about any moral, ethical, political, or social issues.  Instead, about a Cuban-born Spanish-language television actor who surfaced into the world of entertainment not […]

Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso

Okay, I know what you’re thinking!  But before you go getting all offended…or excited, about my very sexy blog title this time around, let me just say IT’S NOT WHAT YOU’RE THINKING.  Yes, there was a television series with this same title in very recent history, which in part was […]

Salud, Dinero, Amor Y Perfumes: Mi Sueño Cagao

Health, Money, Love And Perfumes: My Shitty Dream No job.  No money.  No lover.  Just big dreams and even bigger ideas.  At fourteen, I was a man on a mission.  One way or another all three were going to be mine…and sooner, rather than later, no matter what it took. […]

Los Trapos Sucios Se Lavan En Casa

Ones Dirty Laundry Should Be Aired At Home De chiquillo siempre me metía en lo que no me importaba.  If someone was a having a conversation – the more private it was the better – there I was, con las orejas bien paradas, as my parents would say.  Trying my […]