Short And Sweet


As a challenge to myself, I’ve decided this new post will be just that – short and sweet! Short like the few years I’ve spent living on this little place called Earth.  Sweet like the very many fleeting moments everything seemed just about perfect.

Pues casi, casi...autentico hasta el 100!

Lazy Saturday mornings.  Loud Sunday afternoons over fajitas and hollering kids.  Trips down to Dallas, San Antonio and San Luis.  Endless conversations.  Torperias we couldn’t help but laugh at.  Tonterias, Loqueras, and Burradas. Sad, but happy moments.  I dos.  I wills.  Promises kept.  Promises broken.  Yes, even a few of those.  Little feet, big hearts.  Big hearts and their detallitos.  More cursilerias than anything else…but that’s the great thing about being mexicano, we live for the cursilerias.

The bad stuff, not so much!

(Ciento veintiseis palabras)

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    1. Gracias Tracy. Would have replied sooner, but my droid fell into a cup of diet Dr. Pepper and just got it back tonight…anyhow, long story!

      Thanks for the comment amiga 🙂

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