Not right now. Pronto. 

Not right now, she said. Not right now, okay sweetie.  Soon.  Pronto. Mom, can you buy me these shoes. Not right now, sweetie.  Mom, can we go watch a movie tonight? Not tonight, honey.  Pronto.  Mom, can you buy me this book?  Sí, pero ahorita no. Not right now.  Soon.  […]

My Anti-Presentimiento Remedio-Ritual

It’s an awful feeling, right there in the pit of your stomach, twisting and turning, telling you “something is wrong, something bad is about to happen,” although you haven’t a clue what, or two whom. Nothing is worse! You want to do something, stop something, or at the very least […]

¡Hombre! ¡Te Haces Pendejo Para Tragar A Puños!

In driveways everywhere, front yards, back yards, neighborhoods, bars, clubs, patios, around the world, probably in every language, the principal complaint among buddies, when they get together for a little pisteada, is the same: ¡con las mujeres uno nunca gana! That universal grunt heard round the globe when words just […]

Ginoveba Maria Guadalupe Torres, Enamorada – Part I

El cuento de ella es uno de sudor y sacrificio.  Not because she gave all of herself to become la abogada, la licenciada, la doctora, or even la maestra, her parents so desperately wanted her to be.  Hell, her mom would even tell her behind her father’s back, buscate un […]

Las Lecciones Of The Warriors Luchistas Of My Youth

Those Aztec Warriors were before my time.  The Pancho Villas and Emiliano Zapatas también.  Pa que digo que no si sí, as a much more contemporary heroine of my time would say, La India Maria.  And that’s not to discount any of their contributions and sacrifices to and for my […]

Cosas De La Vida: En La Guerra Y El Amor Todo Se Vale

All Is Fair In Love And War And why not?  It is the single-most important human emotion we all possess.  The one worth fighting for, against all odds; the one we would seemingly travel the world over to protect; the one that makes us feel safe and happy in the […]

The BIG Announcement

¡Estamos de Fiesta en Juan of Words! So…I am very excited to finally share some pretty big news about my blog with all of you…hence the title of this post.  Beginning today, will be joining the community of bloggers supported by the Houston Chronicle and their Spanish-language publication, La […]