Apparently Our Stars Are Stars Forever – Case In Point, Cuchi Cuchi Charo at Latin Grammys

La Charo still cuchi-cuchi-ando-ing her way into our hearts

Not that there’s any real reason why we should have forgotten all about this Latina bombshell of yesteryear, other than the fact that we rarely see or hear from her on any television or radio airwaves anymore…not even the “MAACO para ellos, MA-CO para nosotros” commercials that she was so famous for, most recently, are broadcast much of anywhere anymore.

Still, at the 2010 Latin Grammys, there she emerged, characteristic big hair and scantly clad bottom all in tow, in all her splendor…as the star she has always been to us.  Maybe because of her history as a pioneer, maybe because of her energy and passion for life, or maybe just out of respect, but as soon as Charo stepped onto the stage we all knew who she was…cuchi, cuchi, cuchi.

Which begs the question, maybe our stars are stars forever?

Long after their album sales plummet, long after they can’t even get the Señora roles anymore, long after their many stages of plastic surgeries and liposuction, face lifts even, we can’t ever seem to stop talking about the artists they once were, the roles or songs we remember them by, the changes (physical or otherwise) they have undergone, and how we think they might end up…in the long run – you know, before they take that final curtain call on life.  Morbid maybe, yes.

But also a little endearing…to know that the Cuchi Cuchi Charo’s of the world will always have a place in our hearts.

4 thoughts on “Apparently Our Stars Are Stars Forever – Case In Point, Cuchi Cuchi Charo at Latin Grammys

    1. Definitely a classic, for me, mostly because she was one of the first Latinas to be widely accepted by a mainstream audience. And second, because she can still get down with the best of them and has never been ashamed to be just who she is.

      Que viva La Charo!

  1. Nice post, Juan. Charo is a little loca but I love her spirit.

    Have you ever seen the show “Habla” on HBO Latino? … Charo was on it once. I loved what she had to say. It was beautiful, and told in the way only Charo can say it 🙂

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