In Bed And On The Dining Table, Shame Is Pretty Much Useless

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Useless in the sense that no matter how hard we may try to hide who and what we really are, the rest of the time, in our natural state – when eating and er…sleeping – the truth simply has a way of revealing itself.  You know the old adage about breaking bread with someone in order to get to know who they actually are, or even the potentially  less literal catch phrase: “sleeping with the enemy.”  The idea that everyone has something to hide.

Or maybe just a simple reminder: accept yourself for who you are, don’t try to change to please anyone else besides yourself, and when it’s time to let it all hang out…just let it all hang out!  Plain and simple.  My interpretation anyway.

3 thoughts on “In Bed And On The Dining Table, Shame Is Pretty Much Useless

  1. “er…sleeping” … LOL. Your PG-13 blog status has not been compromised 😉

    Seriously, it can be a little scary to be oneself, especially around new people, but the ultimate reward is when people love you, and you know there’s no mask to put on for them – they love YOU just the way you are. Totally worth it.

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