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mexi vocabulario alcahueta
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It’s one of the most offensive words you could use to describe a comadre, as I learned not too long ago.  Then again it’s also one of our favorite words to make fun of ourselves with.  ¡Alcahueta! 

Good usage: Hay ando yo de alcahueta p’arriba y p’abajo y ni siquiera me había dado cuentade lo que andaban haciendo… (There I am going with them  here and there and I didn’t even know what they were doing)

Bad usage:  Esa tipa, she’s always trying to get you to do things… ¡Alcahueta! 

Though usually the latter might be accompanied by “mugre vieja” or something similar.  The Real Academia Española defines this word as:  una persona que concierta, encubre o facilita una relación amorosa, generalmente ilícita. 

In plain English, a person who encourages, conceals or makes possible a romantic relationship, usually an illicit one.

Can you believe it?  The Urban Dictionary hasn’t even defined this one yet?

In reality, alcahueta is much less literal when loosely used and can mean anything from being too lenient with a child, to lying through your teeth for the benefit of another.  Knowingly going along with something that you know is probably wrong basically.

I’m always on the hunt for new mexi-vocabulario.
What other words would you like me to include in the mexi-vocabulario?  If you have one that you would recommend please share it with me here.

Writer’s Disclaimer: When I say mexi-vocabulario I don’t necessarily mean these words are exclusively Mexican, or only used by Mexicans.  This is simply an expression of how they were introduced to me in our Mexican Spanish.

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