Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso

True or False?

Okay, I know what you’re thinking!  But before you go getting all offended…or excited, about my very sexy blog title this time around, let me just say IT’S NOT WHAT YOU’RE THINKING.  Yes, there was a television series with this same title in very recent history, which in part was the inspiration for this post.  Nevertheless the subject matter in this piece is much more PG – a big BOO for quite a few of you out there also, I know.

So what is the allure of these infamous lady lumps for us guys?  All women want to know.  The truth is you won’t find any scientific answers here – mainly because the most obvious reason for me is just the simple fact that we don’t have them.  Plain and simple.  They are something foreign to us, hidden underneath all those layers of clothing and undergarments, hidden for so many years before we actually get to explore them (eww, go ahead and let it out…it’s okay), and that in it of itself makes senos so sexy to us.  We are pretty simple animals after all.

Now I am digressing!

Still the idea of there ‘being no paradise without breasts’ seems a little excessive.  No doubt they are a beautiful part of the female anatomy that can fill in our tees and sweaters like nobody’s business, but when a woman is forced to make that difficult decision between her breasts and her life there definitely should be no question about what comes first.  Life.  Perhaps it is not my place to be saying this.  I’ve not actually had to deal with this reality myself, or with the heartache of having a loved one go through this very personal dilemma themselves, but my reality is full of beautiful women from all walks of life for whom I care a great deal about.

These words then, are dedicated to them.

Breasts, no matter how big or small, real or fake, do not define the woman.  They are a cup size, not a lifeline.  They are sexy!  They can make us guys go crazy.  They can bank in some pretty good perks if used in that way.  They can feed.  They can make a girl feel like a woman.  But at the end of the day, senos are just that: senos.  Another part of the female body, like any other part of the human body, male or female, subject to illness, old age and unannounced shifts and changes.

That is all.  No more.  No less.

And for the thousands of you out there suffering through this choice or helping someone along right now, remember: just because someone, at some point, decided to coin the phrase ‘sin senos no hay paraiso’ – it don’t mean a DAMN thing.

Don’t buy into the hype! 

14 thoughts on “Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso

  1. Dios mio! I started to grit my teeth there for a minute after reading the title, but really enjoyed how you turned that story around. Mi tia tuvo que tomar esta decision no hace mucho y te puedo decir que tienes toda la razon, fue algo tan desgarrador para ella y para nosotros su familia que tuvimos que verla sufrir tanto. Gracias a Dios ya todo eso paso y aunque no tiene sus senos ella si pudo vencer esta enfermedad. Hoy en dia vive renovada, apreciando cada nuevo dia y es una inspiracion para todos nosotros.

    1. Moni and Marcox, thanks a lot for the comments! I can’t begin to imagine how painful having a love one suffer through this must be. I was afraid this post come off as insensitive, but I had really been mulling it over for quite a while now. You sharing that story with me just now, Moni, really means a lot to me.


  2. Buenísimo Juan, el de las buenas palabras!
    Totalmente de acuerdo contigo all around (no pun intended). On the one hand we make such a big deal about them (for the lack of, or for the excess of) and on the other.. they´re just that: two limbs that don´t mean a thing; that don´t (and shouldn´t) define us as human beings.
    Just like Moni commented, I too have seen women feel devastated by the idea of having to loose them. Hopefully two things will happen:
    1) Breast cancer numbers will go waaay down with prevention and medical breakthroughs, and
    2) We will teach our daughters that they are much more than a pair of boobs.

    Gracias por the great read!

  3. Very very good. It’s hard for me to even think about that kind of decision. I know what choice I’ll make as hard as it may be due to my natural vanity, but it helps to know I’ll have the support of those I love.

    1. Great points, Sue! I am also hoping those two things happen because they could potentially save so many lives, and avoid the torture of having to face such a tough decision for many women. Gracias!

      Irma, of course your family will always love you no matter what!

  4. Very good post, Juan. I liked the title but more importantly, I like the message behind it all. Senos are just another part as you said.

  5. You have been blogging away lately! I missed you and glad you’re back to posting more frequently.

    This is a really great message, Juan. There has been breast cancer in my family. Primero a Dios, I never have to face such a decision, but the choice is clear. Of course I would choose life. While I know what I would do, it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. Unfortunately women in our culture are defined by beauty, and dammit, as much as I struggle with things like my weight, my breasts are one thing I don’t feel inadequate about. Not only that, but there is something else difficult to explain – that the breasts make one feel more feminine. They’re a part of my identity, I suppose. As you say, it’s only a body part like any other, but they are a bit more magical than say, my elbows. LOL.

    My heart goes out to any woman who has had to make this decision or will have to. I hope your words are read by a woman who needs them. Blessings, Juan.

    1. Love how you can always make something so funny and yet so heartfelt, Tracy. The ‘they are a bit more magical than say, my elbows’ really made me laugh out loud, and I too hope that these words can reach someone who needs them. I knew writing this from a man’s perspective there were certain things my mind could never wrap itself around about the significance of breasts to a woman, and you nailed it in this comment. Te quiero. Te adoro. Te respecto. Y me da tanto gusto que sigas regresando a este, tu blog!

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