From Texas to New York City

Nueva York: Day Two

I’ve decided today that I kind of like the pace of running up and down the streets, jumping in front of vehicles in massive groups to cross the street, the freedom of being able to race in front of people without having to say “excuse me” or “con permiso,” and […]

From Texas to New York City

New York: Day One

So I’m in New York for work this week.  Bueno  por lo menos until Saturday.  And while there are a lot of things to do at the conference I’m attending, I’ve also promised myself I’m going to try and do a little sightseeing while here.  This is only my second time in […]

Who’s Chuntaro and why does it matter?

Who’s Chuntaro and why does it matter?

My mom: ¿Qué es eso de chuntaro? ¿Quién es chuntaro y porqué les dicen así?  My sister: Some people say that they aren’t chuntaro and that other people are. Right Juan? (laughing) She was referring to the video Anjelica and I made a couple of weeks ago as Los Metiches.  We […]

¡Chinelas con estos huercos!

We had Nintento. Kids today have Vine. We had VCRs. They have bluetooth and DVD players. We had cassette tapes and then CD players. They have iPods and iPhones. We had beepers. They have iPads and tablets. We had watches with cartoons and superheroes on the wristbands. They have smartwatches […]

Latinos on the Rise Online: Under 30

Latinos on the Rise Online: Under 30

I know I’m getting old because I used to think my ideas were fresh and hip, young, energetic, fun, creative… etc., etc., etc.  And lately I’ve been watching a new wave of young Latinos who seem to be doing all of the right things all of the time.  It’s enough […]

Arremedo: Flattery or Insult?

Arremedar: Flattery or Insult?

Depending on your usage and the context of the situation, this Mexi-Vocabulario word could very well be either an insult or a compliment.  They do say por ahí that imitation is the best form of flattery.  Pero bueno, let’s speak sin pelos en la lengua today… sometimes regardless of how “innocently” a person may […]

Tu Carcel by Lila Downs

Musical Classics: Tu Cárcel

Few things tell us more about ourselves than the type of music we choose to listen to.  No sé porque, but I’ve always believed that.  There’s something about the intimacy between a good song, it’s lyrics and how they speak to us that is really special.  A good song – así […]