Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Cougar-tude’ – Is it too much?

Y’all know I love everything JLO-related, right?!  I’ve been a huge fan of Jenny from the Block since first laying eyes on her in the late nineties.  Even despite all of her really bad choices in relationships and marriages, she’s always managed to have a certain appeal as a celebrity and a Latina for me.  Regardless of how criticized her movies and music have been, I still watch them… and listen to them, and make everyone I know listen to them too, jajaja!  Sorry guys!  Comes with the territory when you’re my amigo.

This latest video though, for her new song Dance Again… I don’t know, kind of is not my favorite.  ¡Cómo que no me gusta tanto!  

Jennifer Lopez Dance Again video
Jennifer falls on an orgy of people at the top of the video.

Sure it’s got all the elements of a classic JLO track – great beat, lots of dancing, very little clothing, and lots of sensual looks into the camera from La Diva del Bronx herself.

Jennifer Lopez Dance Again video
Almost immediately este payaso shows up...

But… then there is the little problem of this boy toy named Casper Smart popping up on almost every single frame.  He’s 25.  She’s 42.  I don’t like it!

Jennifer Lopez Dance Again video
Of course, they have to get all up on each other!

Sure some people are saying and thinking “Good for her!  If she can get away with it, more power to her!”  And maybe they’re right.  I’m not saying it’s wrong…

Jennifer Lopez Dance Again video
He grabs her butt. I think she grabs his...

I just don’t like to see it flaunted so much in my face.  In my humble opinion, the boy toy is too much of a distraction for the video.

Jennifer Lopez Dance Again video
There's dirty pole dancing with the blind love blinder on.

Then on the other side of the spectrum some of you are thinking “this is really sad.  She’s way too old for him.  This is not going to last.”  Not that it should really matter all that much to us anyway, LOL!  Pero you know we like the chisme!

Jennifer Lopez Dance Again video
First her. Then the payaso también.

My criticism is really more from the standpoint of a fan.  I like the new song; I like Jennifer in it; I even like the gold glitter all over her face; but I could have done without all of the Casper Smart in the video.

Jennifer Lopez Dance Again video
I was kind of surprised when she ran and jumped into his arms, LOL! Ta'fuerte por lo menos!

If JLO wants to be a Cougar, that’s fine.  I’m just not a fan of the flaunt-it-in-all-of-your-faces’ “Cougar-tude” in this video.

Only dancing and singing by yourself from now on please, Jennifer!

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