Now You Can Find Me At Walmart Too – ‘Plaza Familia’

So next time you go buy toilet paper, detergent, groceries, or whatever else it is you shop for at Walmart, make sure and pick up a copy of this here new magazine.

Plaza Familia magazine
Plaza Familia magazine

Why?  Because you’ll find me as one of the contributing writers within its pages and, more importantly, because Plaza Familia is the completely bilingual and free new magazine for parents.  

More specifically, Plaza Familia is geared towards parents and families with topics ranging in pregnancy, child development, and even bilingualism, just to name a few.  It is currently available in Miami, LA, NYC, Houston, and Chicago, but should be coming to a city near you very soon as well!

You can also access Plaza Familia online.

Follow Plaza Familia on Facebook and Twitter for further updates.

It’s such an honor to be available in the same store where you can buy all of your household needs… también to be a part of this very ambitious and promising new publication!

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