Raising a Bilingual Kid: It’s Hard for Parents Too!

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Bicultural Parents – Ricky and Lucy Ricardo.

I guess I should consider myself pretty fortunate.  Anjelica and I share almost exactly the same heritage.  We were both born here in this country to Mexican parents – from the same estado de San Luis Potosi at that!  We’re both Mexican Americans.  We both speak English and Spanish very fluently.  We’re both equally proud about our culture and heritage.  And most importantly, we both consider teaching Edgar proper Spanish the right thing to do.  The only problem – as I’m sure many of you already know, when it comes to raising bilingual kids, it’s a hell of a lot easier said than done.

Not that it’s impossible – it certainly isn’t – it just requires a lot of time and commitment.

So for all of you parents out there raising bilingual kids – regardless of what level of proficiency you may or may not consider yourselves to be at this task – un saludo and lots of porras!  Keep at it.  ¡Echenle ganas!  And while you’re at it, don’t forget to have a little fun too.  These video clips of the beloved and ultimate bicultural/bilingual couple, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo are certain to put a smile on your face.  They certainly capture what it feels like to be Latino in the US sometimes.  Enjoy!

A special thanks to my friend Jorge Sanchez for sharing these clips! 

3 thoughts on “Raising a Bilingual Kid: It’s Hard for Parents Too!

  1. Yes it is difficult and easier said than done! Especially for those of us who lack confidence. Definitely worth any effort though. I just started talking to my daughter in Spanish about two months ago (who never once said a word in Spanish in the 4 years of her life), and is now starting to say 1-2 word sentences to her 1-year-old brother without me having to ask her to. It’s amazing how quick kids pick up language! Makes me feel proud and gives me more confidence to continue “con ganas” just hearing her. She’ll even ask me often “mommy what’s that in Spanish?”

  2. just love that first sketch! I had the same problem with “ough” and still would if I read a word I don’t that ends in with ough or ought. Got a kick out of Lucy calling Ricky “Shakespeare”.

  3. I would definitely agree with the the viewpoint that it is entirely possible to successfully raise a child bilingual. My son is 3 1/2 years old and speaks both French and English fluently. It is very important to maintain a level of consistency when teaching little ones. It is really a benefit and a truly rewarding experience for the entire family.

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