What’s in a Latino nickname? Lluni!

Today is my youngest brother’s birthday, and of course, that has me contemplating the nickname we grew up calling him: Lluni. His real name is Moises, after my father, and technically we should have been calling him Junior all along. For some reason though since as long as I can […]

Sharing more than I should, maybe

There are certain moments in life when one has to learn to shut up. For the last several months I’ve been doing a lot of silent thinking and holding the pause button on my public expressions of emotions for one very complicated and difficult reason. My father is battling cancer […]

Lechon. Cochino. Puerco. Pig. 

This was a conversation that took place over the weekend at my sister’s house.  Me: Hey, you’re looking for a pig?  My sister: *laughing* …yes! Other sister: I think I know a place where they auction pigs.  Brother in law: Do they auction individual pigs or several pigs together?  Other […]

Familia for Fourth of July 

Let’s call this an almost Wordless Wednesday because, of course, I’m still typing. No pues este fin de semana festivo we spent it celebrating my youngest niece’s first birthday.  It was extra special because con todo lo que ha estado pasando lately it was a much needed breath of fresh […]

Sidewalk Family Board Game

Yes, it’s still hot. This Texas weather is not letting us do very much in the activities department. And we all know what happens when people spend too much time around each other staring at walls and screens. It can get ugly. You, your friends, your family, your cousins, your neighbors, in […]

Kids say the darnedest things!

My niece said something this weekend that made me laugh. Then it made me think. And now, it’s making me contemplate life. She’s under five years old and we were flying a kite together this weekend. She was a natural at it, but that wasn’t really the big surprise. When […]

Cumpleaños Feliz

Cumpleaños Feliz

We always sing that song when it’s somebody’s birthday. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! Everyone gathers around the table, the celebrated cumpleañero sits in the middle, front and center before the cake, as we all wait in the room with all the lights turned off except for the ones on the cake, for […]