William Levy: Is He Our New Cuchi Cuchi Charo?

I told you how William Levy made my TV screen sizzle – not to mention Anjelica – a couple of months ago, with his first US TV commercial opposite M&M’s Ms. Brown.  Now, it seems the Cuban heartthrob is all over the place, promoting ATT’s Uverse, Sabritas, the HTC X, […]

William Levy: He Can Make Even an M&M’s Commercial Sizzle!

Pos since Elizabeth Gutierrez hasn’t been able to seal the deal.  Even after having two kiddos with the Cuban heartthrob who seemingly is the new Latino toast of the town in Hollywood – rumored to be starring in an upcoming Tyler Perry movie and to be heavily courting the lead […]

It’s a Rainbow! It’s a Piñata! No… It’s The Urban Luchador!

And he’s now taking your questions.  No, seriously!  My friends at Jarritos recently introduced me to this, their latest and probably their most colorful spokesperson ever, the Urban Luchador!  At first, I was a little confused.  Who is this vato?  Why is he dressed like that?  ¿Ta loco o qué?  […]

Burger King Turning On the Sexy With Sofia and Salma

Y’all remember these spoofs of Burger King with Anjelah Johnson on SNL, right? Well now the fast food chain is employing two super star Latinas to help them do a little revamping of their image, among a host of other celebrities including David Beckham and Steven Tyler.  It seems Burger […]

For US Hispanic Marketers: Abuelitas to the Rescue

Tell me these abuelitas aren’t adorable?!  I fell in love with them the first time they came onto my television screen, entre novelas of course, the other day.  They remind me of so many señoras in my real life it’s not even funny.  Even a little bit of my own abuela who […]

¡Súbele al Suave! Downy Wants You Dancing for Clean Clothes

It’s taken everything in me not to run down to the neighborhood washateria and dance to this track after inserting a quarter into one of the machines!  That was the first thing I thought after the folks at Downy shared with me these awesome new videos for their ¡Súbele al […]

Quebradita on Prime Time – How Wendy’s is Doing it Right!

I LOVE a great funny commercial, and one featuring the popular Mexican dance of Quebradita definitely fits the bill!  On Super Bowl Sunday while most of us were too busy evaluating the million dollar ads being unveiled for the first time during the big game, this little gem was already […]