It’s a Rainbow! It’s a Piñata! No… It’s The Urban Luchador!

And he’s now taking your questions.  No, seriously!  My friends at Jarritos recently introduced me to this, their latest and probably their most colorful spokesperson ever, the Urban Luchador!  At first, I was a little confused.  Who is this vato?  Why is he dressed like that?  ¿Ta loco o qué?  Then it hit me.  He’s not crazy.  He’s in a constant state of culture shock!  ¡Está norteado el guey!

jarritos urban luchador
The Urban Luchador, fueled by Jarritos!

At least that’s my explanation for his crazy antics.  He’s not from here you know, LOL!  Pero in all seriousness, just for fun, what do you want to know about El Urban Luchador?  Let’s put together a list of questions for him.  Maybe the 60-plus year old Mexican soft drink company will have him answer a couple of them for us… on video even?  They’ve agreed to at least have him review our questions.  ¡Miralo!  ¡Qué fancy!  Pipirisnais, the Luchador, jajaja!

Leave your questions for this very Hecho en México spokesman below, and you guys have a great Friday!

5 thoughts on “It’s a Rainbow! It’s a Piñata! No… It’s The Urban Luchador!

    1. I had no idea there was a Tabador luchador out there too, jajaja! Thanks for sharing… and btw what is it with Mexican Luchadores and advertising campaigns??

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