William Levy: He Can Make Even an M&M’s Commercial Sizzle!

William Levy mm commercial juanofwords
The hot and heavy couple of William Levy and Ms. Brown.

Pos since Elizabeth Gutierrez hasn’t been able to seal the deal.  Even after having two kiddos with the Cuban heartthrob who seemingly is the new Latino toast of the town in Hollywood – rumored to be starring in an upcoming Tyler Perry movie and to be heavily courting the lead role in the film adaptation of the 50 Shades of Grey book – Mars, Incorporated has decided to step up and find Mr. William Levy a, let’s say, more suitable companion.  Unless you’re living under a piedra somewhere chances are you’ve already seen this hugely popular 30 second commercial either online or on television.  It really is quite a genius advertisement!

Not only because of the crossover, bicultural appeal, but also because of the pure chemistry between Ms. Brown – the chocolate M&M – and William.  They literally set the screen on fire.  Either that, or how else can one explain the online craze over this one single commercial?

Anjelica and I watched it for the first time together.  This was her exact reaction, and I quote: “Wow, that’s a good commercial!”

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