¡Súbele al Suave! Downy Wants You Dancing for Clean Clothes

It’s taken everything in me not to run down to the neighborhood washateria and dance to this track after inserting a quarter into one of the machines!  That was the first thing I thought after the folks at Downy shared with me these awesome new videos for their ¡Súbele al Suave! campaign.  I actually tried to convince Anjelica to record me dancing over the weekend… she didn’t really say much about the idea other than uh-huh.

We didn’t because we didn’t have enough time, but something tells me someone must have told Downy that I’m a big fan of marketers reaching out to the U.S. Hispanic population the right way!  These commercials are so hilarious…

Because what else are you going to do when your washing machine starts jamming out?!

Because this guy’s a little to good for an amateur.  Show off!

Because this one, sadly, dances a lot more like me in real life.

And of course, because you can’t do a dance video at the washateria without doing at least a little bit of ‘the washing machine’!

Downy says this new wave of funny videos is just the beginning of a new series of activities they are planning – some of them interactive – to celebrate “the softness of just-washed clothes.”  According to a recent survey by P&G, soft clothes make consumers experience positive feelings, for example, 80 % of consumers feel happy when they touch the softness of their clothes.

I’d agree.  Clean clothes makes me happy.

Now, who wants to see me dancing to ¡Súbele al Suave!?

Here’s the track just in case you might want to make your own video too.

This is not a sponsored post.  I did not receive any compensation for the content of this entry.  All of the opinions are my own. 

3 thoughts on “¡Súbele al Suave! Downy Wants You Dancing for Clean Clothes

  1. I feel happy when i take a load of laundry out of the dryer, after using @Downy on the clothes.It would be fun #dancing for clean clothes like William Levy on ABC’s DWTS.#P&G

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