William Levy: Is He Our New Cuchi Cuchi Charo?

william levy the new cuchi cuchi charo commercials juanofwords
William Levy by Sabritas.

I told you how William Levy made my TV screen sizzle – not to mention Anjelica – a couple of months ago, with his first US TV commercial opposite M&M’s Ms. Brown.  Now, it seems the Cuban heartthrob is all over the place, promoting ATT’s Uverse, Sabritas, the HTC X, Pepsi’s new mango concoction, and who knows what else.  His participation in every commercial is pretty standard – wear tight clothing, bat your eyes at the camera, and deep breathe a couple of words to the women on screen.  Some of them actually faint after he does, LOL!

But before you get to the videos, which was your main reason for visiting this post today anyway – I know, it’s okay – let me ask you one question.  Is William Levy turning into our new Cuchi Cuchi Charo?  The male version of course.  And if so, what does that say about where we are as a society?

I’m probably over analyzing things again, pero ya me conocen.

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