Nada Más Que Amor

Nothing More Than Love

Be still oh betrayful heart...

Is what one can offer sometimes to the ones we love.  It may not be what’s desired or accepted at any said particular moment, but it is what, at least my heart, can always offer beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Y es que es verdad. As they sayel corazón es traicionero. It can twist and turn at any given moment, regardless of the orders/demands of our mind.

Once that connection is made on a human level, the most basic of our instincts kick in.  We can’t help but to pull for the underdog, to hope for the less fortunate, to pray for the weak, and even cry with the lost and forgotten.  Even when our cards have all been laid out on the table and we’ve made our convictions, we just can’t help wanting to do something for someone who’s struggling…no matter how much we may dislike them.  And yeah, maybe not everyone has this particular problem – whether fortunate or not, for some remaining callous despite the tugging of the heart remains no major obstacle.

There’s a song that says teach me how to fake it and give a passionate kiss without causing my heart pain, and in a way it makes perfect sense.  How easy would it not be to put our emotional selves out there completely…to be vulnerable without the threat of any heartache, and to be able to do so as many times as we wanted to…just because we could?

In real life though, the one where we have to learn all our own lessons at our own pace, this reality is really quite impossible to achieve.

For some reason, the older we get the harder it is to sweat the small stuff, to blatantly ignore our true feelings, and yes even to keep up our I don’t give a crap about anything mentality.

Maybe, just maybe, because the closer we get to the realization of our own mortality, the harder it is to deny that there are plenty of things out there way bigger than ourselves…

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