Quebradita on Prime Time – How Wendy’s is Doing it Right!

I LOVE a great funny commercial, and one featuring the popular Mexican dance of Quebradita definitely fits the bill!  On Super Bowl Sunday while most of us were too busy evaluating the million dollar ads being unveiled for the first time during the big game, this little gem was already airing on Spanish-language networks like Univision and Telefutura.  I have to say, out of all the new commercials that I’ve seen lately, this one is hands down my absolute favorite!

Wendy's La Tía Lupe - Pachanguera For Life Vatos!

Why?  Because it features a character by the name of La Tía Lupe who is apparently one die hard party animal, even at small family get-togethers.

Even funnier – in order to get one of Wendy’s new burgers from his girlfriend, Tía Lupe’s nephew is willing to do just about anything… hasta letting his aunt twirl him around and quebrar him over her shoulders!  You gotta watch it.  It’s hilarious!

It’s safe to assume that Wendy’s wants in on the reported $1.3 trillion purchasing power of the U.S. Hispanic Market.  This new ad is part of their Hispanic Campaign known as ‘Sabor de Verdad’.  I’d say they’re on the right track.

More videos with La Tía Lupe please!

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