Craft fail

I was thrilled about starting this new craft project. A few days before, I had come across a beautiful jewelry holder at Target, which I then decided was too expensive to buy. It looked simple enough, and I figured I could recreate something similar all by myself. I started, and I […]

Thrifty Easter centerpiece

It’s going be a fun Easter! Even more so this year because I’m determined to keep costs down by DIY-ing a lot of it myself. So far I’ve already been able to set up a sweets display at home. I bought cotton candy from a local grocery store and divided it […]

Colored rice jewelry

So now that you know how to color rice with Kool-Aid. As promised, here’s a look at what I made with my colored rice. I immediately thought jewelry, of course. In this case, a necklace is what I was inspired to create. What you’ll need:  colored rice cord (any color […]

Coloring rice for crafting

This is a new technique I crafted with recently. It turns out coloring rice to craft, do new projects with, or just to have lots of fun with, is pretty simple. And you get to use Kool-Aid! You can drink it too if you like. 🙂 What you’ll need:  white […]

Decoden Cupcake Necklace

The inner child that lives within me loves the pretty look of cupcakes.  I don’t think I have to go into much of a rant here, because I’m sure many of you will agree.  The one thing that I am not thrilled about when it comes to cupcakes are the […]

Day of the Dead Face Painting

There is something about the bright and bold colors for Día de los Muertos that always gets to me this time of year.  Usually, I spend a good chunk of my time visiting and admiring local Day of the Dead installations or altar presentations.  The celebration of life, even after death, is […]

Hispanic Heritage y Flores de Papel Crepe by Crafty Thrifter

Hispanic Heritage y Flores de Papel Crepe

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month!  Well, sort of.  Actually, it’s already almost halfway over.  Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated annually here in the United States from September 15th through October 15th.  As a Mexican American Texan, or in español, a mexico americana tejana, I couldn’t let this month go by without a […]