Mexi-Style: Do It Yourself Mexican Talavera Pottery

Mexi-Style with Anjelica (@la_anjel)
To say that I like Mexican ceramic painted pottery is an understatement.  I love Mexican ceramic pottery!  My only problem is that the coins in my pocket just don’t add up to enough money to buy some of the really nice pieces out there.  Usually when we’re somewhere like San Antonio I’ll just walk over to my favorite Mexican Talavera place and glide my fingers along some of my favorite masterpieces there.  I love the raised glazed paint and I’ll admire it until I finally work up the nerve to look at the price tag.

I do it to myself every time!

I can never justify a purchase like that for myself.   I’m just too frugal for my own good.  Instead I’ll settle for little things like fixtures, switch covers, or miniature door knobs all decorated in the same style, but much, much cheaper.  Still, despite my frugality, I completely understand the reason for such a high price tag on some of these beautiful items.  No two handmade, hand-painted of these artisan pieces are the same.

In terms of their design, there really aren’t any rules when it comes to drawing on Talavera ceramic – just technique!  I wouldn’t dare say that I know or even understand the full technique of this art form.  Instead I dabble in my own version of different styles inspired by Mexican Talavera pottery… basing a lot of my own technique on what I have seen in the past.

do it yourself mexican talavera pottery
You can make your own Mexican Talavera inspired pottery.

For this “How To” that’s exactly what I’m working with.  My own Mexican Talavera inspired glassware, haha!  I hope you like it.

So a quick run down of my supplies:

do it yourself mexican talavera pottery
You’ll need a couple of supplies.
  • I used this milk-glass coffee cup I bought from the dollar store a few years back.  It’s a very beautiful cup that came with a saucer, but I just had not used it until now.  Here’s a quick tip: If you ever find anything extraordinary at an unconventional dollar store, nab a few of whatever it is, but never more than what you think you might need.
  • I also used a couple of thin brushes for the actual drawing.  I find that synthetic brushes with fine bristles work a lot better for projects like this one.
  • Blue Acrylic paint
  • Some type of liquid translucent base.  I suggest some type of glaze.  I am using a triple glaze for this project.

1.  On a clean disposable surface mix about 1 tablespoon of the glaze with about 5 drops of paint.  Mix well.  This should be enough to cover a small cup like this one.

2.  Now you are ready to paint away to your heart’s desire.   If you’re not sure what you want to do, or even if you just want to get inspired, pulling up a few images on Google can almost always guide your inspiration in the right direction.

3.  Once you’re done, let the paint on your masterpiece dry according to the instructions on its container.

Here are just a few ways I would use my revamped coffee cup:

do it yourself mexican talavera pottery
This is an easy way to liven up your garden.
do it yourself mexican talavera pottery
Or use the finished piece for interior decoration.

I most definitely would not use it as a coffee cup anymore.  You shouldn’t either.  It’s not safe.

Here’s some more Mexi-Style with Anjelica.

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13 thoughts on “Mexi-Style: Do It Yourself Mexican Talavera Pottery

  1. This is wonderful! I guess it is my (non-Mexican) background that I tend to think of art as something artists do… and I’m not an “artist”. Your post immediately makes me want to go get some materials, since apparently it would not cost that much, and my stepdaughter loves painting. Thanks!

  2. Sooo cool! I too have a love for Talavera (but not the budget!)lol. Thanks for giving us another way to bring this beauty in our homes. I have “pinned” & “tweeted” this wonderful post!

  3. Thank you umm hmmm … Anonymous friend. I would more than live to thank you by name.

    @beth, thank you. Your right art isn’t just for artist it’s for everyone and anyone who has a passion to create. I would love to see the finished project IF you guys do try this project. It’s very cheap and defiantly within budget.

    @victory, Talavera pottery is just beautiful! Thank you so much for the tweet and “pinned”

  4. Sister I know you are very creative and you can do it anything. Now this is a must do for your older sister. Of course on a bigger cup or pot.

  5. Thank you sister!

    @maya. Thanks. Happy to inspire gift ideas.

    @sandra. It’s super easy. Thank you for the comment.

    @pradeep. Yes, I’m guilty if always getting the mini version or at least a sample. Thanks for the nice comment.

  6. I’ve been making my own Talavera style pots from old pots found at yard sales, etc. Thanks for the Triple Thick tip, though because mine were lacking texture. Beautiful work!

  7. I’m really glad that I found a website that talks about Talavera Potteries. I really love these potteries because of its craftmanship and artistry. I’m looking forward for more features about Talavera potteries here.

  8. Dear Angelica, I’d like to make this for Christmas gifts this year, but I have a question. Does using the acrylic paint mean that you can’t ever wash the piece, because acrylic comes off with water? If so, is there a glaze to put over the paint or a different type of paint that I could use so that people could wash their pieces? Thank you for your help!

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