Few other words in the Spanish language can insult you so specifically and succinctly as the word ¡igualada!  Often paired with a gata as in ¡gata igualada!, this palabra can at once throw your social-economic status in your face and tell you to basically “shut the hell up!” and stop talking.  The gata part here does not refer to a cat, but instead to a housemaid or servant who is not of the same class as the person they are attempting to speak with.  An igualada, however, does not necessarily have to be a domestic worker.

The rule is when the palabra ¡igualada! comes out in a telenovela, things are about to get good!  More than likely cachetadas are about to start flying, along with more colorful words like ¡zorra!  Case in point, this scene with real life soap queen Gaby Spanic.

There weren’t really a lot of definitions out there for the word ¡igualada! …so I’ll just act it out for you too, jaja! 

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