Mexi-Style: How to Make Your Own Scarf Necklace

Mexi-Style with Anjelica (@la_anjel)

how to make scarf necklace la_anjel
This is the finished scarf necklace.

So last week Anjelica showed you how to Revamp a Rebozo.  This week, she’s taking on the scarf necklace – in a how to video that shows you step by step how you can make your very own scarf necklace.  I should mention the video was edited by me (Juan), and I’m definitely not a crafter.  We hope you’re enjoying these posts!

Here’s some more Mexi-Style with Anjelica.

2 thoughts on “Mexi-Style: How to Make Your Own Scarf Necklace

  1. Juanito – Does she make them for people who are functionally deficient when it comes to sewing?

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