What’s in a Latino nickname? Lluni!

Today is my youngest brother’s birthday, and of course, that has me contemplating the nickname we grew up calling him: Lluni.

His real name is Moises, after my father, and technically we should have been calling him Junior all along. For some reason though since as long as I can remember he was always just Lluni. Even now that we’re all adults and in public we have to call each other by our first names so people know who we’re talking about, in private and in familia it’s more natural for me to ask about Lluni.

How is Lluni doing? Have you talked to Lluni? When is Lluni coming back home to visit?

What's in a Latino nickname? Lluni!
I told you he’s taking beautiful pictures up there.

He’s living in Denver, Colorado at the moment. Exploring new horizons and taking amazing pictures almost every time he steps outside of his home. That’s okay, though. I much prefer the heat of our winters than the below zero temperature and piles of snow they get at the end of each year over there. And a lot of the rest of the year too. I do miss the the kid though.

He’s technically only two years younger than me so not really much of a kid in reality. Sorry, Lluni… para viejos vamos todos. I just happen to be ahead of you in line by a couple of years.

Today, I thought I would write about Lluni. Because, after all, he’s the little brother I grew up with and the not so young anymore kid brother who today is one year closer to catching up with me.

But who’s keeping count anyway.

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