Episode 50: Communication

Communication has definitely been key in our relationship. Since we first got together and decided to share our lives, let’s just say getting to a better place where we didn’t have to get into yelling matches over silly things has been a work in progress. Let’s be honest. It is still a work in progress… but we have definitely made strides.

I wanted to have this conversation with Anjelica on the podcast because even though we still have our hiccups, I do think some of the things we have learned and attempted to share on this episode could be helpful to others. Of course, in true us fashion, en medio de todo we get into a little bit of a disagreement, but in the end we did manage to say what we were trying to say.

This episode actually kicks off our 3rd season of the podcast and is our 50th show episode, so that is very exciting. If you have been listening from the beginning, we hope you continue to come back to us every week for our new conversations. If you are new, welcome! We are glad you are listening/watching and hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Gracias, and until next time, we will see you then!

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