What’s in a Latino nickname? Lluni!

Today is my youngest brother’s birthday, and of course, that has me contemplating the nickname we grew up calling him: Lluni. His real name is Moises, after my father, and technically we should have been calling him Junior all along. For some reason though since as long as I can […]

Latino Nicknames 2.0 – Our Terms Of Endearment!

So taking a cue from all of you who have shared some pretty awesome nicknames with me over the last couple of months, I’m calling this Version 2.0 of our Latino Nicknames.  We won’t go into any long drawn out introduction about how some of these nicknames came about (we […]

What’s in a Latino Nickname?

Chato, Chuy, Chepo, Chela, Chana, Chango, Mono, Memo, Meche,  Monce, Nini, Gordo… Flaca – it’s a mouthful, I know.  En verdad, we could go on forever, pero mejor let’s get to the point.  That being, of course, the fun that are our nicknames in Spanish, better known as apodos or sobrenombres.  You know what I’m talking about. […]