What’s in a Latino nickname? Lluni!

Today is my youngest brother’s birthday, and of course, that has me contemplating the nickname we grew up calling him: Lluni. His real name is Moises, after my father, and technically we should have been calling him Junior all along. For some reason though since as long as I can […]

Because No Matter The Time And Distance Family Is Family

Because No Matter The Time And Distance Family Is Family

My younger brother and I have always been close.  For a while in our teen years people actually thought we were the same person.  We talked the same, and had the same voice.  At least that’s what people would say.  We dressed alike.  And as my elder sisters will tell […]

¡No Te Dejes! Learning To Fight My Own School Yard Bullies

It’s always hard to give kids advice about bullying.  In my day the answer was real simple: ¡dale unos buenos chingasos pa’ que ya no se meta contigo!  Tempting as this advice might be for me to give, también sé that this day and age that’s just not going to […]

Conversaciones Con Mi Hermano Over Banana Splits

He was Yin and I was Yang.  Since we were kids, it’s always been that way.  Just a whole 15 months apart, my older brother and I have always been polar opposites.  He, my father’s right hand, at his side pretty much from the very beginning. Me, always preferring the […]