3 Reasons Why You Can’t Really Get Revenge On A Mexicano!

3 reasons why you can't really get revenge on a mexicano juanofwords

I’ve learned over the years that it is very hard keep a mexicano down.  I know.  You might be reading that and thinking “ay Dios mio… seriously?”  Pero wait!  Hear me out.  I am definitely not saying we can’t be knocked down, that we don’t get sad and depressed sometimes, that we can’t be our own worst enemies sometimes.  We can do all those things.  We all know from firsthand experiences that bad things happen to all of us.  That’s not what I mean here.

What I mean is that over the years from watching my jefitos and all of my other family members and friends, who also happen to be mexicanos, struggle it just seems like there are very few times when you can actually knock us down and where we won’t actually at least attempt to get back up.  That got me thinking.  ¿Porqué será?

Now I should say this is definitely not scientific, but this is what I came up with:

3.  We’re Used To Strugglin Chingao! – What was that line by Miss. Sofia in The Color Purple… “All my life I had to fight!”  Well dammit, at least in my immediate family that has always been the case.  It may be somewhat of a generalization so if it does not apply to your experience please accept my apologies de una vez.  The point is sacrifice makes us stronger.

2.  Our Skin Is Not Only Brown (Well For Some Of Us) But Also Thick. – You don’t grow up being treated differently or arrive in a new country as the “unwanted minority” without growing a few extra layers of skin to let things “roll off your back” more easily.  Como dice la canción… “no soy monedita de oro para caerle bien a todos.”

1.  We ALWAYS Find The Humor In Our Misfortunes. – Even if we can’t immediately laugh at ourselves it is almost certain that eventually we will kick back around our friends or family and just laugh at how certain things turned out.  Hindsight always makes this easier.  ¿Apoco no?

What do you think?  Am I completely wrong?  You can tell me if I am.  Remember that point #2 about having thick skin?  Well yeah, mine is especially thick.

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