You know when you're in a real canijo mood?

You know when you’re in a real ‘canijo’ mood? Try this for inspiration!

I’ve been in a real canijo mood lately.  Not for any particular reason.  Nobody has made me angry.  Nothing has drastically changed.  Usually it’s when change happens in my life that I start getting all testarudo, corajudo and just generally in a bad mood.  I’m quite good at being canijo actually.  You can ask anyone. […]

3 reasons why you can't really get revenge on a mexicano juanofwords

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Really Get Revenge On A Mexicano!

I’ve learned over the years that it is very hard keep a mexicano down.  I know.  You might be reading that and thinking “ay Dios mio… seriously?”  Pero wait!  Hear me out.  I am definitely not saying we can’t be knocked down, that we don’t get sad and depressed sometimes, […]

12 Days of Christmas in Words: So I’m Behind… Big Surprise!

Initially my intention was to write 12 posts for Christmas that would deal with various non-gifts that we could give as gifts this holiday season.  Hence the title the “12 Days of Christmas in Words.”  Well, wouldn’t you know it.  This holiday season has gotten away from me… and today, […]

12 Days of Christmas In Words: The Gift of Hindsight!

Every once in a while I’ll stop and read something I wrote a while ago.  It sounds extremely self serving and vein I know.  But in reality it’s something much simpler for me.  I do it because it gets my creative juices flowing, it helps me establish a sense of […]

Mexi-Inspiration For The Latino Home!

It’s always a great day when we can all together ogle over some beautiful Mexi-inspired home decor ideas.  I’m calling it Mexi-Inspiration, ha!  Cheesy… yes, I know!  Actually, my idea is also to inspire Anjelica to start making some of these pieces for our own home as well.  We’ve already […]

Embrace Today: Tomorrow is Not Always Guaranteed

Every day is an opportunity.  Though sometimes we don’t realize it.  We don’t realize how fragile life truly is, and how sometimes the little things we’re worrying about aren’t really all that important.  Foresight is never as insightful and cathartic as hindsight – when we can stop and look at […]