Mexi-Style: How To Add Some Sparkle To Your Skates

Mexi-Style with Anjelica (@la_anjel)
So I know what got into me this time!  These crazy blinged-out skates were a long time coming.  I’m sure, in part, it had something to do with the movie Whip It – in which Ellen Page plays a roller derby enthusiast – or maybe it’s the Olympics.  It could even have something to do with all of the hype about Craft Wars.  Whatever “it” was, it finally made me work up the courage to just go for it.  I’m always reluctant to alter the look of something that is still functional.  I’d much rather play with things that I know are not.  So for this post we’ll be adding some sparkle to my skates.

how to bling out your roller skates mexi style juanofwords la_anjel anjelica
The original skates, without the sparkle.

They were classic, sleek, and still in very good shape… but they just needed a little bit of Anjelica. And so, off I went to work on them!  With a lot of Mod Podge, E-6000 adhesive, black glitter, pewter metallic glitter, black rhinestones (from the dollar store), and clear rhinestones, I was able to alter the look of these skates.

This is the end result:

how to bling out your roller skates mexi style juanofwords la_anjel anjelica
And afterwards…
how to bling out your roller skates mexi style juanofwords la_anjel anjelica
Here are a couple of different angles.
how to bling out your roller skates mexi style juanofwords la_anjel anjelica
What do you think? Is that enough bling?

I do want to once again mention just how much I love to alter, re-purpose, revamp (or whatever the occasion and project may call for) any existing items.  I was a deprived younger crafter, I like to say.  Sad, right?  No, not really.  We were just a family on a budget, and in those days glitter and extra Elmer’s glue were definitely a luxury.  Luckily, my mom worked in the maintenance department of a local college, in their architecture department no less, and the students there would sometimes give her whatever supplies they had leftover from their finished projects.  Whatever she didn’t keep she would give to me.  And with that, I was able to do what I could.

To this day, there is still paint on the concrete floor outside of my childhood home where I once ran out of material to paint on, and decided to just paint the floor.

13 thoughts on “Mexi-Style: How To Add Some Sparkle To Your Skates

  1. Hahaha . . .’skates’ mean something else in my part of the world. I actually live in Ellen Page’s home town (Halifax, NS, Canada) where skates = ice skates and no one would even think of blinging them out! Pretty cool though.

  2. Hey! totally planning on doing this to my skates, BUT I’m quite an avid skater, how does this effect the movement of the skate? Does it make the skate stiff, or does the glitter start to peel off after use?

  3. Hiya, love love love your skates!!! Thinking if customising mine but worried the glue/glitter will crack after a while… are they holding up? Xxxx

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