Sidewalk Family Board Game

Yes, it’s still hot. This Texas weather is not letting us do very much in the activities department. And we all know what happens when people spend too much time around each other staring at walls and screens.

It can get ugly.

You, your friends, your family, your cousins, your neighbors, in others words, everyone deserves to have a little fun under the cool sunset sky. You know what I’m talking about. That time of the day when there is just enough daylight for outdoor activities, right when the sun is beginning to set behind the visible horizon.

At that very moment, get everyone outside to play this game: Sidewalk Family Board Game.

Sidewalk Family Board Game

The rules and supplies needed are pretty simple.


    • Dice of ANY kind. You can DIY your dice with two big cardboard boxes. We bought our large foam blue dice at $5 Below.
    • Colored note cards: write rewards and “punishments” on cards. Or follow some of my suggested rewards and “punishments” listed below.
    • Sidewalk coloring chalk: The bigger the caulk the better (you can cover more area this way). We bought these at our local Family Dollar.
    • Rocks: These will be used just in case someone has to move and their space needs to be marked.
    • Lastly a marker: this will be used to write punishments.

Sidewalk Family Board Game


  • Their must be at least 15-20 spaces. I suggest you use a large parking lot or long sidewalk.
  • Draw a yellow circle on each end of your connecting squares.
  • Each player starts on either circle and makes their way to the other circle on the other side and back using dice.
  • If you land on a colored square you must then pick up a corresponding colored note card and take the punishment or reward on that card.
  • First player to reach the yellow circle and return to the starting position wins.

Sidewalk Family Board GameSidewalk Family Board Game

Good Luck and may the best player win!

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