Coming Soon: William Levy to the Big Screen

william levy boom town fifty shades of grey movie
He’s coming to the big screen now. Is he going all Hollywood too?

¡Calmadas… y calmados también!  It’s true!  As if we all didn’t expect it anyway.  In his first feature length film, the Dancing With The Stars showstopper will be playing, of all things, a papí.  No, not as in your papí chulo, but rather a father who is attempting to save his daughter in the 1905-set action drama, Boom Town, which is already in pre-production and scheduled to hit theaters next summer.  Directed by Oscar Torres (Voces Inocentes, Mancora), Boom Town will star William Levy alongside actors Danny Trejo, Alfred Molina, and Chris Cooper.

There are also rumors going around the internet that the Cuban heartthrob is being considered for the film adaptation of the “mommy porn” book Fifty Shades of Grey.  What do you think?  Could he pull off such a demanding role? jajaja

A ver…  ¿Cómo les quedo el ojo?

I told y’all William was the clear winner on Dancing With The Stars!

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