The Motherly Wisdom and Humor of Doña Lucha

dona lucha
Doña Lucha

Do you know Doña Lucha?  I didn’t until just a couple of days ago.  First, I came across a couple of meme images of her online, then yesterday one of the Pequeños Gigantes from Univision’s hit show piqued my curiosity when she channeled the Mexican character in one of her skits.  I had to see more.  I looked her up online and have been laughing ever since.

Think of Doña Lucha as the ultimate Latina mom saying all of the “Shit Latina Moms Say” before it was popular on YouTube.  She’s actually a character created by Mexican actress and comedienne Mara Escalante.

Below are just a couple of her videos online.

¿A poco no se te hacen parecidas sus palabras?  

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