The BIG Announcement

¡Estamos de Fiesta en Juan of Words!


So…I am very excited to finally share some pretty big news about my blog with all of you…hence the title of this post.  Beginning today, will be joining the community of bloggers supported by the Houston Chronicle and their Spanish-language publication, La Voz de Houston!

The details are in the video below, but let me just say this here as well.  This website will continue being the home of all Juan of Words content and WILL NOT cease to exist.  Instead, a sub-blog titled
Juan of Words – A blog by a Latino for Latinos…y Más
will offer a little more variety of content and information for everyone to enjoy.  Think things I might have not included in this blog in the past, but that are equally fun and entertaining to write about.  As always, my blogs are live, breathing animals and your input and suggestions are very much welcome.

To visit Juan of Words – A blog by a Latino for Latinos…y Más just click on the banner to the right with the words “Más Juan at”

13 thoughts on “The BIG Announcement

  1. Ay Juan que padre! Muchas felicidades! Te mando unas fanfarrias con mariachi barrigón y toda la cosa para celebrar esta gran noticia!

    You are a great voice that needs to be out there, so this is wonderful news for all the Latino community!

    Un abrazo grande!

    1. Muchisimas gracias a todos por las lindas palabras! I am definitely very excited about this new facet of the Juan of Words blog!! I hope it will be a journey we can tread through together for many years to come 🙂

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