Arremedar: Flattery or Insult?

Arremedo: Flattery or Insult?
Jugando al arremedo.

Depending on your usage and the context of the situation, this Mexi-Vocabulario word could very well be either an insult or a compliment.  They do say por ahí that imitation is the best form of flattery.  Pero bueno, let’s speak sin pelos en la lengua today… sometimes regardless of how “innocently” a person may emulate you or your behavior, there’s no other way to classify their actions than as completely offensive.

It’s one thing to laugh with me.  It’s another thing completely to laugh at me.

Hacerme burla.  

Or put more simply, que me estes arremedando is highly rage-provoking.

The Urban Dictionary has no definition for this word readily available, and some debate has been made about whether the appropriate Spanish word is arremedar or only remedar.  Most sources recognize only the latter, but the Real Academia Española lists both in their directory of recognized Spanish-language words.  We grew up with arremedar and that’s why I prefer that version.

Still, today, when something very specific made me start thinking about words like plagiarism, copycat, imitation, I couldn’t help but circle around to the act of arremedo.  It kind of summed up what I was trying to say.

It doesn’t hurt that it was also a great new word for us to discuss together.

Thanks for the inspiration universo! 

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