raising a bilingual kid

It’s the little thngs that make the difference… muchas veces.

This was an actual conversation between Edgar and I.  We had just finished raiding all of the clearance racks at Target – we always do; we can’t leave the store without doing so – when a kid about his age walked by us talking in perfect Spanish to another child.

Me:  Edgar, did you hear that kid?

Edgar:  Which one?  The one that just passed by?

Me:  Yeah… you hear how he was talking in Spanish?  That’s how I want you to talk Spanish… that fluent. *chuckling a little now*

Edgar:  I can’t talk that much Spanish!  Then I’ll forget how to talk English.  I’ll be like “no puedo hablar, no puedo hablar… se me olvido… Spanish!  Oh look I did remember!” *laughing now*

I looked at Anjelica and shook my head: ¡inche huerco!  He’s too dang smart for his own good!  Oh well, por lo menos he’s  getting used to the idea of being bilingual.

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