Easy Snacks for the Summer: Mexican Corn – ‘Elote’

Summertime means it’s time to ponerlos las pilas as adults, and parents.  It’s the time of the year when most our kids are sitting at home saying things like I’m hungry!  I’m bored.  Can we go somewhere?   And to which we can only reply nicely so many times.  So rather than pulling out our hair this summer – as it is, mine is already turning gray – why not keep the kiddos busy with little summer projects like this one.  After all, there really isn’t anything else quite like sharing a refresco and an elote with your loved ones.  In this post we’ll be showing you How To make Mexican corn.

how to make mexican corn
Step 1

You’ll of course need corn and a little bit of water to get started.  Go ahead and remove the corn husk ends from all of your elotes – the hard part at the end – and remove the outer most husk leaves from your corn, exposing the softer inner leaves.

how to make mexican corn
Step 2

Pour the water into your container or pot (that’s what I’m calling it), then add your whole corns into the pot, with their remaining husks.  Once you’re done, cover it up and let the pot steam (15 minutes on high heat).  You’ll want to be careful not to submerge the corn in water.  The idea is to put only enough water in the pot to allow the corn to soften and steam.

how to make mexican corn
Step 3

Wait 10 minutes to let the elotes cool before you remove the remaining corn husks from all of themYou’ll want to make certain they are completely clean of all corn husks by this point.

how to make mexican corn
The Fixings

These ingredients are pretty standard fixings for Mexican corn on the cob, but feel free to be as creative as you want to be.

how to make mexican corn
Step 4

I added butter to my elote, then mayonnaise, lemon, Parmesan cheese and Valentina sauce.  Anjelica – those are her painted nails not mine, just FYI 🙂 – on the other hand, opted for chili powder and queso fresco. 

how to make mexican corn
Step 5

Remember you can add as much of the fixings, like lemon, as you want.

how to make mexican corn
Step 6

Cheese and chili are the biggest variables when making your own Mexican corn.  There are so many varieties to choose from that sometimes you just have to go with what you know.

how to make mexican corn
Almost done!

This one is Anjelica’s elote with the powdered chili.

how to make mexican corn

Mine, with the Valentina, is much better!

I also made this quick and easy how to for those of you who prefer video:

4 thoughts on “Easy Snacks for the Summer: Mexican Corn – ‘Elote’

  1. Hello Shakespeare: here is an alternative to the first step of boiling si tienes prisa: leave the elotes whole (with all the husk and silk) and just put 2 in the microonda for 6 minutes. Let cool and strip then add your favorite dressings. If I am barbecuing, I throw the elotes in their husks on the barbecue for a few minutes while the meat is cooking turning them at least once. In Quebec, we also boil in water and have des “epluchettes de ble d’inde” meaning we don’t eat anything but corn … that’s a big party for us when the corn is picked. Bruce was invited to one with me in the 70s’ and kept waiting for the meat. He was duly surprised to find out there was no other course than the corn, LOL. Take care, j

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