Crazy. A little bit off. Silly. Goofy, even. Just not exactly how they are “supposed” to be acting. That’s usually what it means when someone says chisquiado or chisquiada. The word itself, chisquear can be interpreted to mean to confuse or amuse others. So you know when someone is speaking to […]



To give the impression of having more than what you have. To pretend to be someone you are not. To flaunt material possessions that are not rightfully yours. To buy more than what you can honestly afford. Or in the words of Word Reference, (Méx) (=impresionar) to impress; (=achatar) to […]



Cultura. How do you put it into words? It’s an expression of who you are. A representation of where you come from. A legacy that transcends your present, past and future. A connection deep enough to touch your soul and strong enough to pulse emotions through your heart. It’s like […]

Mexi-Vocabulario: ¡Ay aja!

Mexi-Vocabulario: ¡Ay Aja!

Like totally. We haven’t done one of these in such a long time that it was only fitting to start back up with an ¡Ay aja! I first heard this term while Juan was watching one of his novelas. The young chica fresa in the scene was expressing her disbelief for what she was hearing […]


¡No te me achicopales!  Think of it as encouragement, coupled with just a little bit of good old fashioned guilt-tripping. It’s almost like saying “you can do it… just don’t let me down!” The very fact that me is included in the phrase, makes it completely personal! You might as well be […]

G-rated words we say in Spanish to avoid R-rated ones

G-rated words we say in Spanish to avoid R-rated ones

Pues la mera verdad, there’s nothing quite like cursing in Spanish.  The bad words just kind of roll off your tongue, y cuando estas enojado con mucha más razón.  We’ve noticed that about ourselves over the years.  When we’re angry and/or in a heated discussion we always go off in […]

Mexi-Vocabulario: Changaro


Pues la casa.  El cantón.  The place you call home.  Where you live.  You know, ¡el changaro!  That place that starts out with a couple of walls, a door, a window, or two, a place to sleep in, to sit down and have meals in, to watch whatever you want […]

Mexi-Vocabulario: ¡Regio! ¡Regia!

¡Regio! ¡Regia!

O sea, ladies and gents, allow me to introduce you to my new guilty pleasure. Cindy La Regia! She’s Mexico’s most famous niña fresa who’s been immortalized into an uber-popular cartoon character by artist Ricardo Cucamonga, and I just so happened to come across her singular style and sense of […]