You know when you’re in a real ‘canijo’ mood? Try this for inspiration!

You know when you're in a real canijo mood?
Photo provided to me by @Chookooloonks at #BlogaHouston

I’ve been in a real canijo mood lately.  Not for any particular reason.  Nobody has made me angry.  Nothing has drastically changed.  Usually it’s when change happens in my life that I start getting all testarudo, corajudo and just generally in a bad mood.  I’m quite good at being canijo actually.  You can ask anyone.

If you’re wondering what I mean by canijo, think of it as a cross between angry and bitter, with a twist of sarcasm.  That’s about what it means in my version of Mexican Spanish.

Tonight though, this picture I’m sharing kind of reinvigorated me to try and start thinking more positive again.  I function better when I focus on the good things in life.  The days that will get better ahead.  The moments that made me happy.  The people that I love.  And who love me back.  That’s what I want to start focusing more on.  Because remember, there’s always hope even in the most desperate of situations.

I need to get that engraved somewhere.  (where the sun does shine!)

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